Kirby 4 and languages

I’m creating a new website in Kirby 4 and try to find good conventions to work with the languages, and have a few questions:

  1. Permissions: in K3, I usually disable access to languages for editors and only allowed admins/devs to manage them.
    • In K4, this setup is not working since there is now a view in the panel where editors can manage the language variables. Hence, I’m looking for a way to allow editors to manage the language variables, but not language settings (nor adding/deleting them).
  2. GIT setup: in K3, I usually committed /site/languages to the git repo, since these settings were maintained by the website dev. Within each language, I outsourced the language variables to another location like this: 'translations' => Yaml::decode(F::read(kirby()->root('storage').'/language-vars/en.yml')) for en.php.
    • In K4, is something like this possible?
    • Ideally, I’ld commit the language settings to the repo, and the language variables to another location. But then I’m afraid the panel views to manage the language vars don’t work anymore.


Ad 1: I’d say you would have to customize the languages view if you still want to use the language variables feature. And create a feature request for more fine-grained permissions.

Ad 2: Storing the translations in a separate file works, at least when they are stored as array instead of yaml.

    'translations' => require(__DIR__ . '/translations/en.php'),
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Thank you @texnixe :blush:

  1. Too bad that isn’t supported currently. I’ll add a FR to nolt :+1:
  2. This indeed still works when passing a regular array :+1:


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@texnixe, I’ve just tested updating a language variable from the panel in this setup, but this results in the whole array being added to /site/languages/en.php instead of to /translations/en.php

Am I doing it wrong? This is my exact piece of code: translations' => require(kirby()->root('storage') . '/language_variables/en.php') from with /site/languages/en.php

Yes, you are right. The same happens when adding new items, so doesn’t seem to work after all, only for reading :thinking:

Thanks for confirming this. Would you consider this a bug / regression?

Maybe rather a missing feature, since there was no way to edit variables via the Panel before… But maybe add it in GitHub, we can always close it when it is not considered a bug.

Haven’t found the time yet to find where the logic happens and if there is a workaround.

Done: External language variables setup no longer works since K4's language views · Issue #6176 · getkirby/kirby · GitHub !

Please let me know if you find a workaround :pray: