Plugins work blog page but dont work other pages?


I have a problem with plugins. Plugins work blog page but don’t work other pages ?. How can i solve this problem

Sorry, without more detailed information, I can’t answer this question.

What plugins are you talking about? What exactly doesn’t work?

hi again:)

Font awesome icon, markdown editor, editör, shortly everthing

i am using capture theme on

example page

example i cant add even youtube embed video ? just i can add text

Are we talking about adding content in the Panel? Or stuff not appearing on the frontend?

This is a paid theme I don’t have access to, so my possibilities are a bit limited. I assume these plugins are already part of the theme?

You better contact the theme author, I think.

Stuff not appearing frontend

Ok, then please post what you have in your text file and how you try to render it in your template. Maybe there is just a kirbytext() method missing…

<?= $page->text()->kirbytext() ?> code is in the default page template. It is normal. i think to contact author thnak you great support texnixe. i love kirby support so i bought a licence