Plugin is replacing "k-block-type-quote"

I’m adjusting the quote block. I’ve created a panel plugin with the same name and recycling the blueprint, snippet and vue component. All works as expected but I get a console error: "Plugin is replacing "k-block-type-quote". So this might not be the right approach? Any ideas?

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Getting the same type of notifications. In my case:

Plugin is replacing "k-list-item"
Plugin is replacing "k-card"
Plugin is replacing "k-languages-dropdown"

I haven’t been trying to replace any of these, just created some own custom blocks (which, by the way, works amazingly easy and smooth! Thanks Kirby!!).

To be fair, I don’t think I’ve checked the console inside the panel before, so I don’t know when the error started occurring. Might even be related to some third-party plugin, who knows.

Since it’s just a console warning and I don’t notice any negative effects, I’m just gonna ignore it for now…

This is rather an information that you are replacing a core component, you can safely ignore it.

Ok, thanks

Btw about blockquotes and markup:
I used a footer within the blockquote tags in the past, very much like the default quote snippet, but that appears to be wrong. Info about the ‘person’ and ‘source’ (cite) should be outside the blockquote. In the article above an example to use a figure is given, also on css tricks: