Plugin assets not generated in media

I just copied an example pluginkit (most basic version) to my plugins folder and inside, I added an assets folder with some CSS & JS. Now, I can’t reach them as described in the docs, eg my-plugin/assets/some-css.css isn’t available as /media/plugin-author/plugin-name/some-css.css - it doesn’t get generated in the first place - any ideas?


Maybe permissions problem, does Kirby generate other stuff inside media, eg panel assets?

panel files get generated inside media, but that’s about it. I’m using vanilla starterkit … help please, almighty @texnixe!

Checked permissions, I’m owner and chmod 777 doesn’t help …

What is your environment? Do frontend thumbnails etc. get created?

I’m using an NGINX server locally, nothing gets generated inside media
// Edit: I used chown 777 media -R, where recursive parameter did the trick - thx @S1SYPHOS!

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On localhost, it doesn’t really matter, but please keep in mind that 777 is not a solution for a remote server.