Please need help with user pdf file

Hello everyone i need help in something.

Im creating document for users.

     label: Documents
     type: structure
     entry: >
       {{documentname}}<br />
      {{documentpath}} <br />
         label: Document Title
         type: text
         label: Document Path
         type: XXX

there’s problem i dont know how can i place it .pdf files?
There’s no “pdf” panel field in cheat sheet :frowning:
Can anyone give me advice?
Ill try make it url and basicuser.yml (which is blueprints/users/basicuser.yml)
files: true
Than upload files to users and put url to document path but files: true isn’t worked…
Please help and have a nice day

You can use a select field to select a .pdf file. But keep in mind that you can’t upload files to users, you would have to upload them either to the site folder or to some other folder.

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I added this code to any page and call
> documentowner:
label: Username

 type: user
 label: Document File
 type: select
 options: documents

and uploaded pdf to page,andd its work!
Thank you so much good works!