Please help me to make infinite scroll

Hello all, I have KirbyCMS and theme Notes theme
I like it in general and I looking for somebody who can implement infinite scroll there and couple of other simple adjustments in design.

Can you please help me? I have 50$US budget to make these adjustments.
Please let me know, I need it asap, but I don’t want to rush you, you’ll have 10-15 days to finish it.

Thank you.

Looking at the code, it’s been optimised for performance meaning the codes been inlined into the template and would be difficult to edit without reverse engineering it and redoing the optimisation later. It’s a commercial theme so I don’t know if the original source for the javascript and CSS is supplied.

I don’t mean to be rude, but speaking as a freelancer $50 USD would cover about an hours time. This sounds like a days worth of work by the time its been explained, tested properly and the other design related jobs done.

Okay, thank you for your reply, in general, Notes theme looks very simple, maybe it makes sense just to recreate similar template from scratch? I have ready to go example I made by myself on Tumblr, but I want to migrate to KirbyCMS, seems very good option and independent.
I understand 50$ isn’t a great option, but I open to increase it to 100$.
Basically, take any template, make it minimalistic, infinite-scroll and html5 css3 mobile friendly. you can use any technology, take any pre-made template.
Let me know what do you think? Also how to exchange private info, such as email and my website as an example what I trying to re-create with Kirby?

Thank you.

I am open to creating a theme that could be sold, as that would make more sense for me.

You can can direct message privately through this forum. Click my avatar and press the green message button.

Ok it’s okay for me. I cannot find message option, there is no green message button, please message me, I want to show you my website and you can get inspired what I looking for.

If you haven’t sorted the problem yet then I can help, of course you can add infinite scroll to that theme

Thank you very much for all reply, I have found a great freelancer here, he did everything and more for slightly higher budget :wink:

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Thanks for the nice words :slight_smile: