Plainkit missing config.php?

After downloading and working with plainkit it seems that Markdown is not properly parsed for my text files. In order to troubleshoot I looked for /site/config/config.php but it seems to be missing.

Is the documentation out of date and config.php moved elsewhere?
Do I need to create a config.php file from scratch?

The Plainkit is, well, plain. Since the config.php file is not required, it is not there. You can add it yourself, though. Create a /config folder in /site and inside a config.php.

What exactly is the problem? You don’t need any config settings to parse Markdown, unless you want to use Markdown Extra features.

Thank you for the quick reply on the config file.

Kirby is not detecting paragraph/line breaks so everything in a .txt file is rendered as a single block of text. Is Markdown Extra needed for that?

No, but are you calling the kirbytext() method on the field?

echo $page->text()->kirbytext();

This will render Markdown and KirbyTags.

That fixed it!
Thank you!