Missing text from Plainkit install

I have a new installation of Plainkit. I’ve gone back to docs and videos, but I’m not getting something.

Text is missing when I look at the localhost:8080/work - I’ve entered the text in Kirby admin as well as the work.txt in my editor. It seems like this should render - it appears to be so in Bastain’s videos.

Are you outputting the field in your template? It doesn’t do that automagically…

A fresh Plainkit only has a default.php template that renders the page title, no other fields, see

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Ok. I did not understand that … I thought

<?= $page->text() ?>

was part of default.php template.

Thanks @texnixe!!!

Note that if you use Markdown and Kirbytext in your textarea field, you have to render it in your template with the kirbytext() field method (or the shortcut kt()):

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