PHP Template Inheritance

I love the simple way of PHP-Templating in kirby.

Is there a way to recreate the functionality of template inheritance (like twig allows it) in Kirby within PHP-Templates?

You can use twig templating with Kirby if you want to :wink:

You can also use a default.php template and call a snippet based on your blueprint name.

No, there is no native way to recreate the way Twig works within Kirby. You can use snippets and call snippets depending on page (e.g. by choosing a specific snippet in a field), for example, if you are looking for a way to display the same sort of content in a different way.

I can imagine that something like that could be achieved via a plugin, though (but currently there is no such plugin). You never know what @jenstornell will come up with tomorrow …

Thx for your fast responses. Maybe i just use twig for more complex templating needs.