Php Mail to several receivers

Hi together,

how do I send the mail to several receivers? I just repeated the email array 3 times, but only 2 mails were sent.
With Cc, and Bcc also only 2 mails were sent ( Bcc not ).

$email = new Email(array(
                          'to'      => '',
                          'from'    => '',
                          'subject' => 'Anmeldung '.$page->parent()->title(),
                          'body'    => 'Folgende Anmeldung wurde abgegeben und in die Datenbank' . $page->parent()->title().' eingetragen: ' . $alle_Inhalte

Is this still a problem? If you are using Kirby’s default mail service – which uses php mail() – you should be able to pass more than one mail address as comma separated list.

'to' => ',,',

Apart from this solution does anyone have any idea, if there is a plan to implement CC and BCC through Kirby’s email class? I’m wondering as it appears to be a common task that could live in the core, too. Or did I just oversee anything?

Thank you for the feedback. This is currently not planned but I have noted your feature request on GitHub.