Permissions: does not hide the pages from the page list

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

I created a user role with permissions with the first beta of Kirby 2.4 and everything worked well. Now I updated to the release version of 2.4 and it does not work any more.

The docs say, that returning false for hides the specific page from the pages list/ sidebar. But they are always shown now and clicking on a page returns a debug page with a permissions exception.

I just wanted to have a hint, if something has changed in the latest release, (which is not in the docs?) before opening an github issue.

There seems to be an issue: Disable/enable multiple pages via

Thanks, but I can’t find an issue for this on github. I will create one linking to these two forum threads.

Thanks for taking care of it :slight_smile:.

This is now fixed on the develop branch and will be in 2.4.1

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