[permissions] Can a user be given edit/create permission to a given subset of pages only?

User should be able to edit/create, and preferably see, only certain pages in panel.

A user has a group name: GroupA
A page has a tag named: GroupA

A user belonging to GroupA, should only be able to edit pages whit GroupA Tag

When a user belonging to GroupA creates a page, GroupA tag should be added to that page.

Is it possible to achieve the above with Kirby?

If so, could you give me some pointers please. Reading the Permissions documentation did not point me to a solution on how the above mentioned case could be implemented in Kirby.

Thank you in advance.
Kind Regards

An adapted version of this method should work: Going beyond Kirby's permissions features | Kirby CMS

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Thank you for the swift answer. This seems to be what we need indeed.