How to set permission for users to access only the content, that they created?

We need to limit access for users, so that each user could access only the pages that he created.

Checked permissions docs, didn’t find the answer.

Thanks, checked this plugin, but don’t understand, how it can solve this problem?

Maybe you could be more specific, what the problem is. With “access” do you mean only write access or also read access? And where, in the panel? In the frontend? Or both?

There are several threads here that cover the same topic, e.g. Author acces to only the pages they've created - #2 by texnixe

You can probably find more using the search function.

I have several roles. For one role, if user has that role, he should not be able to read and edit any posts, if he is not author of that posts.

:bulb:Just a little tip: If you provide complete information/context from the start, you get better and faster replies.