Allow user to create one page only visible to them and admin

I’m looking to allow users (professors) to curate their own collections of our project pages (for their students). I was wondering if Kirby 3 would allow visibility to a unique page only. I’m thinking the professor is allowed to create one kind of page, and only one, then can login and only see the page they created, and not any other similar pages from other professors. Is this possible?


If you combine a custom site.yml by user role with a page model that redefines the children() method you can get quite far. The only thing that I’m not sure about is if you can successfully block the URLs to all other pages if the user tries to access these pages not via links but by typing an URL directly into the browser’s address bar.

Hi Sonja
I tried searching for it, but have not found anything :confused:
What exactly do you mean by this?
Or are you referring to something like this?