Permission denied on session start

Getting the following error message when using session_start() at the production page (on local setup, it works):
session_start(): open(/tmp/sess_8fhosqep8kdvras8sjtf8tgg9e, O_RDWR) failed: Permission denied (13)

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Is the folder writable? Have you cleared all sessions from the browser?

Folder was writable, session clearing didn’t help, clearing local storage and cookies helped.

What is your use-case for the PHP sessions? Kirby 3 has a built-in more robust session handling.

A plugin. :slight_smile:

You can also use the built-in sessions for it, no?

I could, if I would want to spend time on this plugin…^^
Since it seems like you are not even sure if this was the reason why this random error happened, im not sure if i want to give my time on that…

It’s actually rather simple to implement, I’d say simpler than the PHP sessions. :wink:

We built our own implementation for pretty much that exact reason: That the built-in PHP implementation is sometimes pretty unreliable and can also be very insecure if configured incorrectly. :slight_smile: