Performance issues

I have a website and i have to bind a lot of dropdowns with several properties which come from other pages. What’s the fastest way to bind those properties?
Now i use this in my blueprint for dropdowns:

	label: company
	type: select
	options: query
		fetch: site.find('companies').children
		text: "{{page.title}}"
		value: "{{page.autoid}}"

I use site.find(‘companies’).children to fetch the data. Are there alternatives which would be faster? page(“companies”) does not work in this case?

Even when i want to display 4 simple pages in the menu in the panel (but those pages have a lot of subpages with dropdowns like above) it slows down to show only those 4 pages. Does Kirby loops through children in this case?

Thanks for any tips

Try pages.find instead of site.find. If that doesn’t help, it might be better to populate the select via json from a root rather then using a query.

Is there a way these items can be populated/loaded after the panel-page is loaded?