Paywall application - any suggestion?

Hi, just wondering if any of you have some experience with paywall applications / plugins to share.
I’ve tried:

  • Memberstack: not bad… but it lacks some features; they’re rebuilding the whole application, but it’s not very clear when the 2.0 version will be released. Good community.
  • Pico: pretty slow, no community, support team not responding. Didn’t find a way to customize language or currency.
  • Steady: not working with ajax sites… Support team not responding, unless you know someone…
  • Memberful: no gating content for non-Wordpress sites.

Any suggestion for a paywall application easy to integrate with Kirby?

thank you


don’t know if you have seen Kirby Memberkit - A subscription-based membership Plug-In powered by Stripe

Thanks for referencing @agloeckner.

In case you plan a website with a paywall with one-time payments, e.g. for a specific blog article, I would not recommend Kirby Memberkit.

I am running a little bookmark app ( that is built with Kirby + Memberkit + :heart:. :smiley:
Feel free to check it out.