Passwordless frontend login – cookbook recipe?

What I’m trying to achieve is a simple frontend form to provide access to a restricted client’s area like described here:
Restricting access to your site

But instead of using default email/password login, the new passwordless authentification should be triggered.

I know the docs already cover the required techniques …
Available methods
Login methods
… but a recipe with all the individual steps to make it work on frontend would be just great. I think the new authentication method is particularly well suited for such a purpose, so other people might find it useful, too.

Have you seen the documentation page on Frontend login? That covers most of the information you need to build such a form. But I agree that a recipe about this would be great!

PS: It might make sense to wait until Kirby 3.5.1 for this as this version will make it much simpler to build frontend passwordless login forms. You can find the docs on that here already.

Yes, thank you, I missed to include the link. The article is very helpful in understanding and applying it. However, it would be great to have a practical guide that brings the parts together.

Thanks for pointing out version 3.5.1, that sounds promising. The pace and quality of Kirby’s development is really impressive. Hats off!

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Understood, I agree! I will see if I can write a recipe about this or add a section to the existing recipe when I find the time.

Wow, great – thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: