Password reset - SMTP Error: data not accepted

Hello, I enabled the password reset feature in my config file. Password reset now appears, but upon clicking the ‘Reset password’ button I get a message stating, “SMTP Error: data not accepted.”. I’m using AWS SES and I suspect this has to do with the from address not being validated, but I don’t know what address this feature attempts to send from? Is there a config setting that allows me to set the from email address for the reset password feature. Please advise.


You need to configure the email transport in your config:

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Ah… excellent. I got it working. Is there a way to customize the message? Right now it says…

"… You recently requested a password reset code for the Kirby Panel. The following password reset code will be valid for 10 minutes: … "

Guess it might not be possible being that it contains a piece of dynamic content, that code.

Yes, you can of course create your own email snippets:

Wow. I couldn’t ask for more. Thanks @texnixe!