Password reset for users without panel access

Hi all!
The project I am working on has users who have an account but no access to the panel.
When these users try to reset their password they get the email with the 6 digit code. Once entered they are rerouted to the main page and never see the screen where they can reset their password.

I tried to add permissions in the user yml but to no avail.

    panel: false
    site: true
    settings: false
    users: false
    changeSlug: false
    changeStatus: false
    changeTemplate: false
    changeTitle: false
    changePassword: true
    resetPassword: true

What would be the best way to do this?
Allowing access to the panel, but revoking it in hooks unless they try to access the change password page?
Replicating the reset password functionality?

Thanks for your input!


  • Before rerouting to the website Main page the users see an error Message that reads:
    NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource
  • The users get logged in, they just can’t change their password

What is your use-case for users without Panel access? Do you also have a frontend login form for these users or do they use the built-in Panel login form?

Thanks for your Feedback!
They use the built-in Panel login form, which works as expected.
The website is a video platform for Hospital Personnel and certain staff members need a login to be able to see additional Information such as emded codes for their Learning Software.

I see. So far it’s not been intended for users without Panel access to use the Panel login form, we recommend building your own custom frontend login form that integrates more nicely into your site. You can also integrate the password reset into that, see the docs and this forum post.

I still plan to extend the cookbook recipe with an example for passwordless login and password reset, so far I didn’t find the time to do so.

Thanks a lot for clarifying this!
I guess that being able to set the panel access to false while still being able to log in via the panel mislead me in believing that password resetting via the panel was an option too.

Thanks again!