Password reset for non-panel users

Hello, I see that there’s a built-in forgot password for Kirby as documented here. I have a member role that is not given permission to the panel. Can these members take advantage of this built-in forgot password feature even though they do not have permission to use the panel? Logic tells me no, but I would like to use this feature for them.

My goal is to allow members to create a password for their account before logging in. That’s not really what the forgot password allows, but that aside what’s the most straight forward way to dynamically change a user’s password. Say a page accepts an email address how would you change that user’s password. What would that look like?

I don’t see why not according to the documentation here:

Thank you for directing me to the appropriate docs @texnixe

Could I use the
method to update a password if I knew the user’s email address?

Yes, if you have the appropriate permissions.