Parse RSS feed / display content from Wordpress blog?

I want to tease the latest entries of a Wordpress site on a Kirby site.

It makes a lot of sense to grab the RSS feed and display x items with custom markup.

But how?

Simply read the remote RSS-feed with file_get_contents() / CURL / simple_php_dom and wrap every entry / title / WordPress excerpt in a foreach ($rss->item as $item) function.

Or use one of the predefined solutions;

  1. Universal RSS Parser
  2. Last RSS
  3. Simple PIE

You can do whatever you want, it works without or with Kirby - it’s basic PHP.

I always create my own RSS wrappers with this class;

Plain and simple (with Kirby as the engine for my smartphone apps).

Maybe the last one is the best; no “stupid” framework, fast as hell, good documentation and totally CMS agnostic.

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Thanks 1n3JgKl9pQ6cUMrW!


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Worth mentioning here that WP 4.4 will include the REST API in core

I’d probably just grab the RSS for this use-case, as well

You can also make use of this little helper from the Kirby Toolkit: