Panel writing coverimage to file://


I’m currently puzzled at how the panel handles files. I’m trying to pinpoint a coverimage in panel. So far so good. But when looking at the .txt file it pinpoints the file as a file:// instead of the image itself. This causes the image to not show/load on the website. But it still points to the right image in the panel.

Coverimage: - file://mVkGBW8xvIfsKimb

Instead of

Coverimage: sofa.jpg

Fyi: I migrated from a Kirby 2 > 3 environment. Don’t know if that is relevant. Content image files are stored in the folder itself and in de media/pages/… folder.

I already tried clearing cache & fresh Kirby setup. But to no joy. Anybody got a clue on where to look next?


Kirby recently gained UIDs for pages, files, users. This will explain…

Aha. Thanks James!