Panel view permission [Bug permissions?]


I made a panel view plugin called journalistsfilter. I want to restrict access to this panel view for a specific role.

So I follow the solution explained in this post: Custom Panel Views & Permissions (don't work?)

Specific role blueprint:

title: Journaliste
description: Journaliste recevant les communiqués de presse.

        panel: true
        site: false
        users: false
        settings: false
        journalistsfilter: false

But if I’m logging with this specific role, I steal access to the panel view.

Is there something else to set up elsewhere ?
(I’m using Kirby 3.5.6)

You must validate if the user has access to your plugin on the front-end.

All the permissions for the logged in user are loaded in the application instance (Vue).

I think that the Retour plugin, can give you a better idea of how to do this.

Thanks @ronaldtorres !

Though @sylvainjule in his Backup plugin said it works out of the box with Kirby permissions


What is weird is that “site, users, settings” are also set to “false” in my blueprint and in the main panel menu as disabled dropdown items, they should be faded and not clickable.

But they are not faded and they are clickable! I just have the pop-up which said you can not access to this part of the panel.

I did a test on the Plainkit (3.5.6 / 3.5.7 rc1):

I add a /blueprint/users/test.yml file with this code:

title: user test

   panel: true
   site: true
   users: false
   settings: false

So the expected result in the panel main menu (when connected as “test” user) should be “Users” and “Settings” item disabled (not clickable) and faded, right ?

Result: they are not faded and disabled.

@texnixe @pixelijn if you can reproduce, I will add an issue on Github.

backups: false for the Backups plugin doesn’t work for me at all, the view is accessible despite the setting and despite what it says in the issue.

Settings and users throw an error after trying to access those views, the menu entries are not disabled, so yes, I can confirm your findings.

Thanks @pixelijn
Issue done [Regression] Permissions access · Issue #3468 · getkirby/kirby · GitHub