Panel - User Field Bug

i encountered a weird behaviour in the panel:
I would like to have the author of a blog-post saved in the text-file, and so i created this field in the blueprint:

  label: Autor
  type: user
  width: 1-2
  readonly: true
  default: user
  placeholder: user

This will add the currently logged in user to the post as an author.

The problem is, that when i create a new post and click Save, the author name won’t be saved in the file. Only if i save the content a second time it will add the username.
If i add required: yes, it only saves the very first username in my collection, not the one currently logged in…

Is there a way to have the username saved into the $page file on creation?

Sounds like this is the Problem… Why do you want it to be readonly?

Also, shouldn’t the width be a fraction?

Well, i would like to make sure that only the active user is being saved, otherwise you can choose any user that exists.
And for the fraction: strangely still works…

Is there a way to write the username into the file automatically?

And: deleting the readonly makes no difference…

It should work if you remove “default” and “placeholder”

This works indeed! Thanks a lot.