Disabling Default User on Panel User Field

The following seems to either be a documentation issue or code issue:

I want to use the user field in a Blueprint file but have it default to no user. The documentation instructs that default: false is the correct way to achieve this. However, what I’ve found is that false is literally used. In other words, it is identical to selecting a nonexistent user that has the username false. The panel makes it appear that no user is selected, because no username with false exists.

I’ve found that giving a string with a single space works well around this limitation (because the whitespace will be stripped when reading).

I believe either the field code should explicitly handle the false case and ensure no value gets saved, or the documentation should be revised to reflect how to achieve this.

Here’s what I’m using that seems to work correctly.

        label: Author
        type: user
        default: ' '

Note that the default string must be surrounded by quotes and must have a single space between the quotes.

I can’t reproduce this (tested with 2.5.9 Starterkit), what Kirby version are you using? The bug should have been fixed with release 2.5.7