Panel: Tabs display the default icons but not emojis

I’m working on Kirby 3.1.3. I’ve got tabs set up in a blueprint. The default icons show up without a problem. But when I try to use an emoji instead, nothing shows up in the tab, just extra space.

I am able to use emojis elsewhere, just not in tabs. Just wondering what I can do or if this is a bug?

Probably not a bug, rather something that is not implemented.

Okay! Good to know :smiley:

Is this on the way to becoming a feature though? The documentation states

and what’s got me more confused is that the corresponding icon from the blueprint is appearing in the DOM node but not on the page:

<span aria-label="Content" role="img" class="k-button-icon k-icon k-icon-📄"><svg viewBox="0 0 16 16"><use xlink:href="#icon-📄"></use></svg></span>

not that this is of any huge importance I just like using emojis

Because it is just pasted into the class just like any other string, but it doesn’t make sense. because there is no xlink:href="#icon-📄".

right. i didn’t look deep enough and thought it was just a matter of a missing css selector or something…