Kirby 4 use Emojis as Icons

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Isn’t it possible anymore to use Emojis as Icons in the Kirby Panel like this:

name: Text Modul
icon: 📝

Or did the way to do this change?
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

You can use emojis in blueprints. In the panel, this only works with icons in SVG format. You can add your own icons to the existing Kirby icons. There are instructions for this.

Using Emojis still works as before, see Starterkit.

What do you get instead of the Emoji?

There are freely available emojis in SVG format that you can integrate into a plugin as panel icons. The reduced design will certainly look good in the small size.

i just get a white square

The wrong or missing viewbox might be the issue:

For me, in the Starterkit, the emoji show up in the source code as

<figure class="k-frame k-icon-frame k-item-image" style="--fit: cover; --ratio: auto; --back: var(--pattern);"><span data-type="emoji">✏️</span></figure>


# Sorting number scheme that is applied when page status is changed to `listed`
# More about page sorting:
num: date

# Each page can have an icon that is shown in page listings when no preview image is available.
icon: ✏️

In which context are you using the icon?

Is it about icons in the panel or in the blueprint?
I’m confused… :face_with_monocle:

Icon in a blueprint (see example blueprint above) to be shown in the Panel…, for example, assign icon to a tab, to a page for a pages section (shown, when no image exists or when image set to false) or for a block.

The example seems to be for a block, I assume, maybe that’s why it doesn’t work.

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im sorry that i didn’t write it clearly. I use it in the blueprint of a block and the displayed screenshot is from the block overview

so in my module-text.yml i have this:

name: Text Modul
icon: 📝
label: Text Modul - {{headline}}

and it gets output like in the screenshot

Did that actually ever work in that context? In which version?

yes it worked until version 3.9

Looks like this option has been removed in favor of a more unified button design (“New button design”: Kirby Panel).

All available icons: Icons | Kirby CMS

Okay, thanks for your help :slight_smile: