Panel plugins/Panel look within plugin

IS there anyway to make a plugin that lives within the panel in a way?
I saw that Ican’t make a route that is part of the panel.

but is there a way to still hook in into elemets from the panel? For example the look of it, topbar and breadcrums (etc)?

I’m trying to write a plugin that will use jquery datatables with users (thinking that it will make it easier to handle users, for example filter them by “role” in a site with hundreds of users). But I want to integrate it as part of the panel (I know I could do this as a page in the site, but it’s still weird for me if the admin does everything in the panel except for that)

All Kirby plugins are loaded by the Panel.

But what you meant (UI plugins) is not possible at the moment. The only ways to extend the Panel are widgets and fields currently.

So what you’re saying is I can use the plugins within fields and widgets?
Maybe create a widget/field that is an iframe?

Can we make panel plugins into a feature request?

or at least - a better way to handle users.

You can create custom panel fields and panel widgets.

For your use case, however, that won’t really help, I guess, because you cannot place a field/widget into the users view.

As regards feature requests, there are already multiple requests to extend the panel on GitHub.

Changing the breadcrumb (per example) is a matter of custom CSS, which can be loaded in the panel (by defining it in your site.config).

And you can add functionality to the panel, by wrapping all the functions in an invisible field.

I did this using my quick-menu en image-grid plugins (both work in progress).

@1n3JgKl9pQ6cUMrW - this is brilliant idea. Love your creativity with this. I will look to model my stuff after yours :slight_smile: thanks for the pointer.

Cool - it’s really simple to add functions to the dashboard;

I simply use an invisible field for it, that triggers the javascript-functions when loaded.

I will put a simple tutorial on this site, once the image-plugin is ready.