Panel: How to view complete error message?


Errors that occur in the panel are beautifully displayed, but as they tend to provide limited information, I often struggle to find the source of the problem.

For example, running the static site plugin today resulted in the following error message:

Kirby\Toolkit\Collection::getAttribute(): Argument #2 ($attribute) must be of type string, null given, called in C:\wamp64\www\xyz\kirby\src\Toolkit\Collection.php on line 1194

The plugin has been running perfectly, so I assume the issue must be with the sitemap code I added recently. However, as I don’t have file name and line number, I don’t know how to locate the error from this generic error.

My question, therefore, is: When an error occurs in the panel, how can I view the complete error message?



Check the error log if there is more information

Do you mean the PHP error log? I checked /log/php_error.log of my WAMP installation, but there aren’t any new entries.