Panel files field as cards no longer shows options for rename or replace?


Just checking this: when I use a files field in a page blueprint and set it to display as ‘cards’, it doesn’t show the circle with 3 dots for ‘rename’, replace etc. like it used to?

Instead it only shows a minus option to remove the file.

Am I missing an option/setting or is this how it is now?


Which Kirby version? Today’s release 3.4.3?

version 3.4.2

Sorry, at bit lame today- a files field never had those three dots. These come with a files section.

ah ok. back to the docs about sections then. would be nice though if the UI would be the same everywhere regardless where it is used…

The purpose of a field is different from the purpose of a section. They are hard enough to tell from each other anyway, so making the UI look the same as a section although the functionality is different, would maybe not make that much sense. There are discussions about the separation between fields and sections anyway, maybe we will see something more unified in a future release-