Panel error after upgrade to v3

Hi all,

After attempting to upgrade to Kirby 3 using the migration guide I get this error when navigating to my panel.

When I load the index at the page loads, but with the 404 template instead of my index template.

“This page is currently offline due to an unexpected error. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and will fix it as soon as possible.”


I also see a suggestion to enable debug mode. Where am I supposed to add this code:

return [
    'debug'  => true

What am I missing??

That goes into your /site/config/config.php file.

Thank you! I enabled debug mode and get this error:

Cannot access protected property Kirby\Cms\App::$roots

I’m guessing this means I have the path to my index directory misconfigured? But I’m totally stumped about what to do.

The code that throws the error is from Kirby 2. Looks like you haven’t deleted the panel folder

Ah yep, I missed the delete panel folder step. That’s gone now.

However, it continues:

I’ve added this to config.php as well, and still get the same error when I reload the page:

return [
    'panel' =>[
      'install' => true

Do you have multiple return statements in your config.php now?

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Yep! That would be it. Total noob at php if you couldn’t tell.

I removed the debug code and the installer is up.

Thanks for your help @texnixe !!

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Thanks for asking this question! I had assumed git would mirror my local folder deletion on the live server, but may have to update my post hook permissions? I was stuck on this for hours after Kirby 3 update until I checked the live site… lo and behold, the panel folder was still there. By the way, loving the new blueprint presets in Kirby 3!