Panel - Duplicate page

In the panel I would like to be able to make a copy of the page with all it’s content, including files and everything.

How duplicate page might work

  1. Click on a “duplicate page” button.
  2. Get a question of what slug the new page should have, suggested “my-page-1” (prefixed with “-1”).
  3. If folder does not already exist, copy it to the same folder level as original and all of its contents to the new slug.


  • Where should it go after the duplicate? To the new page? To the old page? To the parent page?

I like this idea I and I think the new page is the way to go after duplicating …

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I’m looking for something like this too. +1
I agree, the new page would be the most logical.

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There is a solution as a field now…


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… and as a widget …