Duplicate a Page: Choose Destination

Hi all, I’m interested in the possibility of duplicating and moving pages in the panel. By default, a duplicated page will become a sibling. There are options to copy files and pages, but are there any suggested ways to choose a destination?

I’d like to send the newly duplicated page to a parent (or grandparent, or even a child for that matter) as the new destination?

ie. Choose a path for the duplicate based on some query and make the new page a sibling, cousin, child, etc. of the existing one.

Mostly looking for suggestions. Thanks.

You can duplicate pages, but only as siblings of the current page.

Moving pages to another destination is planned for a future release. It’s not as easy as it seems, because there are many settings to keep in mind. Does the new parent allow this template? Is the number of pages in the new parent limited. Etc.

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I imagine there would be more than a few settings and possible conflicts to check on. It does seem tricky…

Have there been any alternatives or workarounds to accomplish something similar?

Maybe it is possible to “hijack” the duplicate dialog (like the custom add fields plugin does), add a new destination field and some logic to accomplish that. I’m not aware of an existing solution, though.

Thanks @texnixe. I’ll take a closer look and report back if anything noteworthy comes of it.

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