Panel doesn't load images with special (accented) characters?

I’m not sure if this’s a bug… couldn’t find any info here on the forum or in the docs.

I have a (big) bunch of folders with images… and a lot of them containing accented characters in their filename (i.e.: õ, ç, ã, etc.)

In the image below… the third image at the top row, for example, shows the filename correctly (it reads “Animação”), but when clicked it throws an error:

File not found in /my-computer-full-path/panel/app/controllers/views/files.php on Line 194

The image’s URL also keeps the special characters:


Thumbs aren’t being created… I know the cause is the 2000px max width cap for thumbs generation… and/or because the files were in the folder instead of being added though the Panel’s UI.

Is there a way to automate this?

To make the Panel load the images when added directly to the folder?

[edit] fixed the broken link

  1. Yes, I can confirm that images with special characters throw an error when you try to edit them via the panel. Can you open a panel issue on Github?
  2. Thumbs are not created when images are bigger than 2000px. If you want bigger files to show up in the panel, you might consider using ImageMagick.
  3. Files directly added to a folder show up in the panel without problems, you don’t have to upload them via the panel.

I will.

I tried to use IM… even managed to install it on Yosemite (such a PITA it was) the 2000px limit continued… I inserted the following vars on my config:

c::set('thumbs.filename', '{safeName}-{hash}-{width}.{extension}');
thumb::$defaults['quality'] = 100;
thumb::$defaults['memory'] = '128MB';
thumb::$defaults['driver'] = 'im';
thumb::$defaults['bin'] = '/usr/local/bin/convert';

Is there anything else I can do?

So… the user just won’t be able to edit them?

Other (weird) problem I’ve found when copying and pasting the filename (form Finder) in the template… the filename comes all “broken” like (first line):

Yes, of course the user can edit them (like rename, add meta data), it doesn’t matter if you upload an image via the panel or directly to the file system via FTP or SSH. But not the images with special characters.

Maybe there is a reason why accents are not supported, though. An alternative would be to sanitize the filenames after upload via a panel hook.

Good advice… I’ll try to do it later (meaning: I have to learn how) :smile:

Thanks again @texnixe

I uploaded an image with name åäö123.png and it was sanitized by Kirby to aao123.png. I think that’s good, because strange characters creates more problems than it solves.

Oh yes, you are right @jenstornell . Then the only problem that remains are files with special characters that are put into the folder without going through the panel.