Panel blocks field inside vue component isssue

I’m extending a plugin that get/set it’s content from/to a Database. I would like to edit the values directly on the panel but I’m getting “Cannot convert undefined or null to object” when I try to handle a blocks field.

Inside my vue component:

<k-form v-model="text" @input="input" @submit="saveText" :fields="{
  description: { #this works well / simple text store in database
    label: 'Description',
    type: 'textarea',
    width: '1/2'
  test: { # Cannot convert undefined or null to object
    label: 'test',
    type: 'blocks',
    width: '1/2'
}" />

Inside the database, I’ve stored the following for the test Blocks field:

[{"content":{"level":"h2","text":"Title Heading"},"id":"a762ed45-7c56-4fdf-a632-9ed561b6f768","isHidden":false,"type":"heading"},{"content":{"text":"<p>Hello world<\/p>"},"id":"29501507-7dff-4ea5-9915-9bf16f11f175","isHidden":false,"type":"text"}]

The data are retrieved like this:

$text_arr[$text->id()]['description'] = $text->description(); #work as expected
$text_arr[$text->id()]['test'] = $text->test(); #doesn't work...

I’m missing something with $text->test(); ? Do I need to convert the string?
Or I’m storing a wrong set of data inside the database?

Please, could you point me in right direction?

No idea, but first I’d try to convert to an array $text->test()->toBlocks()->toArray() or a blocks collection $text->test()->toBlocks().

Thank you so much trying to help me.

Still no luck and keep getting “Cannot convert undefined or null to object”.

Seems that my data are not bind at all to the blocks field. I’ve tried to bind :blocks=“text.test” inside k-form but still getting the same result.

PS: I think I would ran in the same issue if I add a blocks field to /site/plugins/products/dialogs/update.php from your Advanced Panel area | Kirby CMS (