Panel and frontend login forced logout

found this old thread and that but i can replicate issues with kirby 2.3.0.
Note: Internet-IP from provider did not change during tests. tests are performed on one pc/mac, not multiple.


  1. user logged in at frontend. then calling (without any actual login!) causes frontend session to be terminated.
  2. it is not possible to have frontend and panel login with different users at the same time.

my frontend template has the following check for user at beginning…

	|| !$site->user()->hasRole(PANEL_ROLE_FRONTEND)
) {
	redirect::send($site->url(), 301);

Could you please try Kirby 2.4.0 beta 1? We have changed the behavior there.

Regarding problem 2: That won’t be possible with Kirby’s user system. Only one user can be logged in from the same browser at a time. Why do you need separate users?

  1. i will try beta an report back in a few days.

  2. i have a backend ‘panel’ full access user which is used to view everything. an admin account you might say. but also a frontend panel role for a handful of editors with limited access (no panel) and custom gui. problem is one editor is also the admin and needs to switch between both panel and frontend quiet often.
    if i create a third panel role ‘admin-editor’ which has panel access and assign that to the special editor can she stay logged in at panel and frontend at the same time?

Yes, that is possible. If you have a role that allows panel access, you can easily move back and forth between frontend and panel.

@texnixe, yes it does work fabulous – using one user for backend and custom frontend. thx for responding so quickly.
@lukasbestle explaining a problem to someone always helps. thanks for asking so thoroughly. i think i should grab myself a rubberduck.

i will take a look at kirby 2.4 beta as soon as i find time.

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