Pages section not showing available templates when creating new page?

I’m not sure whether this is a bug or a mistake on my part.

In a project’s site blueprint, I have a pages section…

- width: 1/3
      type: pages
      headline: Pages
      image: icon
      create: true
        - page
        - page_secondary

…but in the section’s page creation dialog, no templates are available to select; instead, it just displays »1« in the template selection box.

Anyone has an idea why this is happening?

That happens because of

create: true

Create expects a template name if you want to limit creating new pages to one or more templates in your template list. true is not a valid value (although you can set it to false to disallow creating new pages). Remove it if you want to allow creating new ones with all templates under templates.

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Ah, ok. Thank you, that solved it :+1: