Pages Section default selected template when creating new page

Is it somehow possible to have a preselected template in a pages section when creating a new page?
Something like this:

    type: pages
    default: thetemplate

I am aware I could do something like this:

    type: pages
      - thetemplate
      - blog
      - blogentry
      - contact

But the Problem with that is, that I have over 50 different Templates and maintenance would be a nightmare if I were to explicitly list the Templates. So I would prefer if I could just have a preselected Template every time a new Page is getting created.

In the docs i was not able to find such option.

No, there isn’t. I’m just a bit surprised the user should be able to select between 50 templates in each pages section.

There is, however the create option:

Optional array of templates that should only be allowed to add or false to completely disable page creation

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Alright, thanks for the info.

I guess there is no way around using templates/create.

What you could do to prevent having to type out every single template in every blueprint to either configure reusable settings (so less places to make changes) or create your blueprints (or blueprint parts) programmatically.

Oh yea I could work with that.

Thanks for the helpful resources.