Pages are not showing after switching to multi-languages


I am getting weird issue for a page not showing in the Panel although it still appears in the subfolder.

The “1_becoming-a-parent” is showing in the folder but not showing in the Panel. But creating a new page using Panel works. Not sure why.

Please see the attached below:
Screenshot 2023-05-11 at 6.06.34 PM

If anyone has seen/encountered this issue before and know how to fix it that would be great.

Thanks in advance!

Here’s the view from the Panel

Looks like you did not enable multi-language via the Panel, because your content files are partly missing the language codes?

I did enable them via the Panel here. So the multi-languages is the feature that I am working on but pages and files that I pulled from the dev branch. So I need to manually change the language codes for those pages and files?

This makes sure that all content files are correctly renamed.

That’s what might have resulted in the missing content file extensions. So yes, you would have to rename them manually now.

Thank you @texnixe! Appreciate your support here.