Page path is deprecated and I don't know the equivalent instruction

I am exploring the feasibility of migrating a site from Kirby 2 to Kirby 3 that I developed a few years ago. I premise, I am a hobbyist and not a programmer, and have always found kirby easy to use. I downloaded the latest version and brutally copied the old site with the new kirby. Little by little, following the debug instructions and reading cookbooks and docs I managed to make it somewhat visible :slight_smile: Now, however, I need more work to make the content visible. The biggest difficulty for me right now is figuring out which instructions are deprecated. Let me give you an example:

$issue = page($page->path());
$editorial = page($page->path() . "/editorial");
$projects = page($page->path() . "/projects");

the instruction


is deprecated and doesn’t work. But I don’t know where/what to look for to figure out the equivalent. I have searched the forum and unfortunately I have to ask :slight_smile:

Any help is really much appreciated.

Can’t find that methos in Kirby 2, but the page() helper in Kirby 3 expects the page id ($page->id()), which is the path to the page, e.g. /content/notes would be page('notes'), /content/notes/somepage page('notes/somepage').

Thank you @texnixe ,
I changed my approach, reviewed all of Bastian’s videos and followed the tutorial. I have made a lot of progress by avoiding unnecessary questions.

Honest feedback as a non-developer: Kirby is really well done, the documentation is well done ad even non-developers can do good work with Kirby :slight_smile:

I have more questions, but they are more specific and I will open a thread for that!

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