Page delete force

Does not work anymore, ( It forces the deletion of all subpages )

// $page->delete($force = false)

What exactly does not work?

hmm maybe I got it wrong, in earlier releases of Kirby I was able to delete the page(folder) with all it´s content, (all index/subpages) force set to “true”, but now i can not do that if the page(folder) contains other pages(folders)…

No, it should exactly work like that. I just tested this by putting the following code into the projects.php template and calling the projects page

try {

  echo 'The page has been deleted';

} catch(Exception $e) {

  echo $e->getMessage();



with the result that the complete projects folder was deleted …

oh crap, thanks m8, then I did something wrong… I have the delete function in an hook, will investigate later, thanks !!