Only get english translation of page slugs


I’m new to multiple languages on my site and am struggling with only returning the english translations for an array of listed pages. I’m using them as js and css hooks, so I’d like to only use the english translations. Here is what I currently have:

$navItems = $pages->listed()->pluck('slug');

I’ve tried:
$navItems = $pages->listed("en")->pluck('slug '));
$navItems = $pages->listed()->content("en"); // thought this might return the english translation

This has worked previously:
<a id="<?= 'nav-'. $p->slug("en")?>" // where $p is current page

And this doesn’t work anymore?

All the other trials don’t make sense, because listed() doesn’t accept and argument, content() is a page method, not a pages method, and slug() is not part of the content.

Ah, sorry I wasn’t clear, this works:
<a id="<?= 'nav-'. $p->slug("en")?>" // where $p is current page

but was hoping for a more convenient way to access the translations. Using the above, I would have loop through each page to create an array of en page slugs(?):

$navItems = array();
foreach($pages->listed() as $p){
$navItems[] = $p->slug("en");

Is there a better way to do this?