Get `$page` object from translated slug

Hey there,
I got ‘en/industries’ and ‘de/unternehmen’, but how would I get the underlying $page object? (Slugs were collected, no further data available … :sweat_smile: )


How about

$p = $site->index()->findBy('urlForLanguage', Url::home() . '/de/unternehmen');

Or if you don’t have to search the index, limit to the pages you need to search.

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Seems like this “finds” only pages for my default language, eg “de/unternehmen”, but filtering for “en/company” yields no result :sob:

You are right, it only works when you are actually in the right language context (independent of default language).

I think your best bet would actually be to parse the string (even if you wrote on Discord that you want to avoid that).

Or you would need a custom method that loops through the languages, sets the site with $site->visit() and then checks with the above method. Something like, but wrapped in a method:

  $p = null;
  foreach ($kirby->languages() as $language) {
    $site->visit(page(), $language->code());
    $p = $site->index()->findBy('urlForLanguage', Url::home() . '/en/industries');
    if ($p) {
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Thanks for $site->visit() - didn’t know this existed! - which kinda solves my problem! :blush: