Get page object of default language page

I am working on a multi language side and I am struggling on getting the page object of a page’s default language.

I am able to get the content but not the page object. My function looks like this:

 'Shipping' => function (): ?\Kirby\Cms\Page {
            return $this->children()->template('shipping')->first();

What I want is, exactly this, but always the page object of the “en” page.
I tried the content, but obviously it returns the content. The translation returns also not a solid page.
What do I overlook?

You can use the $site->visit($page, string|null $languageCode = null) method

Thank you. This helped.
I couldn’t find it in the documentation. Is it possible that this is not in it? Or did I overlook?

Thank you and have a great evening.

Right, it disappeared from the documentation when it was set to @internal in the doc block, no idea why.