Not able to change the template via panel

I am not able to change the template via panel when I want to create a new page/subpage, even though I specified in blueprints what templates could be used. Anyone knows how to fix it?


title: Time

    - templateA
    - templateB
    - templateC
    - templateD
files: true

  template: true
  status: true

The field where you can choose the template is locked and the only template which is shown there is Page.

The settings in your time blueprint only apply to pages that are subpages of a page created with this blueprint.

exactly. and now i want to create a subpage of Time and I can’t choose any of the templates mentioned in Time blueprint. the only template which I can choose is Page.

Check if your indentation is correct. If it isn’t, it doesn’t work.

unfortunately it still doesn’t work. it looks like all 4 templates are ignored. I changed these 4 templates to some other templates and it was working, I could simply choose one of the templates mentioned in the blueprint. But if I changed it again to templateA, templateB, templateC, templateD - the field in panel was blocked again and the only available template was Page.

Do the blueprints for those templates names exist, is the spelling correct? If they don’t exist, the field will also be blocked.

yes, they do exist and the spelling is also correct. it was working on localhost without any problems. after moving it to the server and trying to create new subpages via panel - it stopped working.

Maybe a problem with camelCase?

yes, that was the problem. the server didn’t recognize uppercase letters in names of templates.