No CMS Session Cookie

I would like to disable kirbys session cookie. is there any way to do this?

Why do you want to do that? Please note that the cookie is required for user login.

I thought about this, too. May be usefull to avoid trouble with the new EU-DSGVO. It allows to set cookies if they are technical necessary to run the site, but if you can avoid it, you probably should.

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We had a very similar discussion recently.

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A fresh installation of kirby (Tested with version 2.5.9) won’t set any cookies, except in the login area. This should not be an area where regular site visitors romp around anyway. If there are cookies on your page, they may come from a plugin or an external embedded script like an video from YouTube.

Edit: Do you mean the cookies on This is a multilanguage enviroment. This could be the origin of the cookies – maybe.

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Yes, multilang sites require a session as well.

By the way: Sessions will be lazy in Kirby 3, so they only get created if there is actually any value stored in them. So your “is a user currently logged in” example from the other thread won’t create sessions if no user is actually logged in.

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By the way: Deeeeeeeecent!