Newbie wishes to add a template

Hello everybody

First of all I want to thank that very active and helpful forum and please apologize my rude english : I’m french !

I’m improving my Kirby’s experience. But because I don’t know nothing it is also painful and takes me a lot of time.

Thanks to Texnixe I have a correct slideshow (see Episode 1

I’m trying now to implement a template took from an other free theme

Here is what I have done (not so bad with my little coding skills, please be nice)

1/ Copy NewTemplate into template folder
2/ Copy NewTemplate blueprint into Blueprint
3/ Find Css needed to copy them
4/ Add the template into the site.php file (in Blueprint folder)

So now the NewTemplate shows up in my panel page’s selection but it’s written “he markdown field is missing. Please add it to your installed fields or remove it from your blueprint”

Do you have any idea ?


Well, it seems like in the template blueprint, there’s a field called Markdown (which is a custom field, this one, I guess: that you don’t have in your installation yet. Can you post the code of your blueprint so we can check it?

What you can do for now. Replace in your blueprint:

    type: markdown


    type: textarea

It’s a bit different behaviour, but that way you can check if your template is ok :slightly_smiling:

Thanks, it works

I’ll dig that up. Not sure I’m doing a proper way by mixing differents kirby theme. I should maybe build it. It would be cleaner…

What I sometimes do when trying out new software is to mix code together to try it out and to understand how it works and then after I do understand it, I reimplement everything how I need it. So there’s nothing wrong with your approach. :wink: