New User - Setting Plugin Options In Config

Hi there

I’m just starting out with Kirby and learning as I go. Apologies if this has been asked previously, I’m sure it has in some capacity but I’ve not been able to locate an answer.

This morning I was playing around with some Plugins. One Kirby Meta in particular.

I got it part working, by adding the snippet to my head area. I can see the meta tags and since in page source.

I’m a little bit confused on the instructions of how to enable configuration options for this plugin in the Kirby Panel.

The documentation on the Github states

The options below have to be set in your config.php. Please note that every option has to be prefixed with the plugin namespace, e.g. sitemap => fabianmichael.meta.sitemap.

And then a table with the values.

I’m being a bit dense I’m sure but I’m struggling to understand how to add these values to my config.

Would someone be able to give me an example of how I could add, for example, sitemap?

The developer states it must be precded by the namespace, so I assume it would simply be fabianmichael.meta.sitemap but then “type” and “Default” columns, I’m not sure how to format the entry for the config file.

Thanks so much.

Hi and welcome to Kirby and our forum.

All plugin options are prefixed with the plugin namespace which consists of the name or alias of developer and the name of the plugin. You can read more about plugins here if you are interested: Plugin Basics | Kirby CMS

So this namespace is prepended to the actual option name. Within the config’s return array you would in this example have to add

'fabianmichael.meta.sitemap' => true,
'fabianmichael.meta.sitemap.pages.exclude' => ['error'], // array of page ids
// etc.


  • fabianmichael is the name of the plugin author
  • meta the name of the plugin
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Thank you very much texnixe - That response was very helpful.