New page is redirected to homepage


from a website which worked. I remove one page (using ftp) and recreate the page (using kirby admin)
and then the page redirect to homepage.
(I did not change anything in the .htaccess)
here is the url

Does anybody have an idea ?

I can’t reproduce that, when I open that link, I’m on the partenaires page, not the home page.

Hm, first it didn’t, now it does…

And now it works again …

If I changed the url it works,
…/partenaires -> …/partenaire
but I would like to keep the same url

This kind of things occurs frequently when I change things from the content folder with ftp, not with the kirby cms

Have you cleared the site/cache folder?

the cache folder is empty

Are there any routes defined in your config.php file?

Now it seems to work again.

Edit: You have different links to the page depending what page you start from. When I am on the home page, the link goes to However, when I’m on a subpage, the link suddenly goes to

Or do you keep changing things while I’m testing?

I put back the url page to the initial one and it doesn’t work again (redirect to the homepage)

I get the correct page.

What !!
I doesn’t any browser I use !
(I clear the cache of course)

Tested three browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome), all good. Also Edge and Chrome on Windows.

Have you cleared your browser cache?

Humm I feel a bit idiot
I used hard refresh and it looks it doesn’t refresh the redirections.
to “refresh” the redirection you have to clear the cache.

But it doesn’t explain why it occurs at the first time.

thnak’s anyway